Signature Decorators has been providing customers with a highly professional, fully insured and guaranteed painting and decorating service, that has always been proudly delivered to their complete satisfaction.
Signature Decorators is a painting and decorating company in Felixstowe with a well-established reputation for quality and service, giving every property the care it deserves.





Signature Decorators offers the very best in interior and exterior decorating with all the help you need to achieve your dream home.

We also now offer interior and exterior airless paint spraying.

An airless paint spraying system gives a glass-smooth layer of coating over surfaces that is practically impossible to achieve using a brush or roller.

Applying paint using the airless technique is twice as fast as using a paint brush and four times faster than painting with a roller. Consequently, more projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time using less labour and thus saving money.

 Airless spraying doesn’t leave any brush marks unlike hand painting which can be unsightly.

We have unrivalled experience working with businesses of all sizes, our professional retail painters and decorators are guaranteed to cause no problems, with minimal interference with clients or customers. We ensure that we will be as quiet, tidy, and quick as possible whilst retaining a high quality standard of work. If required we can work overnight so as to cause absolutely zero disruption during business hours. 





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